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Spring Primary - Nonpartisan state and local candidates.

  • 16 Feb 2016
  • 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Your local polling location

Upcoming spring election when we will be voting for candidates for the WI Supreme Court. As you know, it is important to get judges in place who will support progressive policies for Wisconsin. WI Supreme Court Justices are elected to 10 year terms, so they have a long lasting impact. Here is information from the websites of the two progressives currently running:

Wisconsin Court of Appeals Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg has been serving the people of Wisconsin for more than 25 years. She has a proven track record as a thoughtful, fair and impartial arbiter of the law and, as a lawyer and as a judge, for standing up for all the people of Wisconsin. Learn more.


The Honorable M. Joseph Donald is an award-winning, widely respected jurist with almost 20 years of experience presiding over civil and criminal court cases. With more than 350 jury trials under his belt, Joe is the most independent, most experienced and most qualified candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court in the 2016 election. Learn more.

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